Our customers have come to expect reliability in everything we do for them,

from the initial design, through the order process, to the final delivery of the products. As part of our efforts to improve customer satisfaction, We have built core elements.  

Fashion Jewelry Design

Lee Mode’s fashion jewelry is designed in-house by our very own design team. We’ve invested in Research and Development in the latest trends of fashion jewelry and we aim to bring our customers a wide range and variety of designs that people will love to wear and show off.


CIE Customer Idea Execution

With a realization that some of our best items come from our customer’s ideas, we have dedicated a special task team to focus and execute our customer’s ideas and designs. Lee Mode is always willing and open to our customer’s ideas.


Lee Mode’s fashion jewelry products are made out of best quality materials with compatible price ranges from exclusive sources, and our Multistage Quality Control procedure will deliver customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.


“On-Time Delivery In-Full Quantity” is our key slogan. We have become substantially more efficient due to the implementation of ERP software. Shipping and warehouse operations continue to meet and exceed the company’s goals, leveraging the scanner technology.

ERP Enterprise Resource Planning

Lee Mode has become substantially more efficient due to the implementation of our ERP software. Now we are better able to serve our customers, which has always been the company’s top priority. With ERP software Lee Mode is able to integrate all facets of an operation; including product planning, development, manufacturing process, sales, marketing and accounting. Overall productivity has increased throughout the company.

EDI Electronic Data Interchange

With the implementation ERP Software, Lee Mode is ready, willing, and capable of integrating with customers that require EDI. Lee Mode
will meet all the requirements needed to integrate EDI in order to strengthen business relationships as well as obtain higher levels of efficiency for both Lee Mode and our customers.